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My name is Matt Zandstra. I am a PHP/Java developer, consultant, teacher and writer with nearly two decades of commercial experience.

I am the author of PHP Objects Patterns and Practice (Fourth Edition forthcoming). I have worked in the UK and United States both as an independent contractor and on staff. My clients have included the BBC, The British Civil Service, Time Out, and Yahoo! among many others.

I write code largely in Java and PHP. I manage development teams. In conjunction with front end and design colleagues I build dynamic Web sites from scratch. I provide consultancy on coding best practice and candidate assessment. I write and edit technical books, articles and documentation. Check the services section or drop me a line for more information.

I blog occasionally on topics related (but not limited) to code and development. Expect book and article try-outs, general burble.

I’d love to hear from you. Just drop me a line.